Our Values

Our core values are contained in our name D.R.E.G:

• Detailed - Our industry is such that even a little mistake of not dotting your ‘i’ or crossing your ‘t’ could lead to months of uncertainty and unwanted demurrage or seizing of goods which are worth millions of naira. Thus, every little thing matters to us as we have provided you with a helpful checklist of all documents required under our services.

• Reliable – We are known to go overboard to protect our integrity as year after year, we have proven to many clients that they can rely on us for confidentiality and exchange of honest information as it concerns their operations: for example, notification of reduction in license fees by the authorities.

• Efficient – You could be reliable and detailed but not efficient and this will never earn you repeated business or a growing clientele based on word-of-mouth as we have enjoyed over time. We have been known to make available to our clients the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Import Permit in two (2) weeks instead of three months as some non-client of ours have been made to suffer.

• Grounded - We know that no one is born an expert in any particular field. However, time has shown that through dedication to exceeding our different clients’ expectations, we can master any activity in the industry and grow to taking on more challenging tasks or industry-related operations.

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